Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ten Best Pictures

Now it´s time to turn in my best pictures from the categories we have worked with this winter. Its been a long winter and theres been snow on the ground since the 19th of December, witch is really seldom here on the coast of Norway. This is maybe the reason why going out to take pictures of architecture is not as temping as shooting indoors in a comfortable studio. But the categories were really exiting this time. For the first time we got to work with portraits and I really enjoyed this! The way you can capture someones personality in a portrait is really inspiring. Anyway, this time around I´ve decided to name some of my pictures, maybe because the editing process has been longer and I put more of my personality into these photos. Yes, I love my photographs. They are sort of my babies:) So, heres the top ten pictures of winter 2010.


Series are photographs that tell some sort of story or show a growth or reduction in some way. They can vary a lot from picture to picture or be very alike as long as they have some sort of connection. This was interesting way to work.

"Cigar at Midnight"

I really loved the simple yet interesting composition. The street light gives an interesting and sharp lighting effect that illuminates the smoke. The pole that cuts diagonally from corner to corner makes it look really different and more exiting than if the background was black. The pictures are very alike, put they show progression, since the cloud of smoke is bigger on the last picture.

"Jump for Photographer" 

This is a series with a lot of energy and definitely tells a story. I took it at Manasota Key, FL on a warm and sunny day. The beach and sunny weather was perfect for the fast shutter speed that was required to capture this movement.


"Old School"

I really loved this picture. It´s really elegant and classic, but with a interesting composition and pose. Katrines eyes really make the picture. The pearls hanging down to the left and the arm to the right balance out the portrait. The dress also makes an interesting statement in the picture. Just imagine how different it would look if the dress was completely black or white. It would look modern and minimalist instead of soft and elegant like this picture. It really is one of my favorite shots! To visit co student Katrines blog Click Here. 

"Pearl Girl"

Now this picture is really interesting with the brim of the hat that covers half of Katrines face. It really makes a contrast to the pale dress and shoes. This also pulls the attention towards her face and eyes. The pearls also draw some attention since they´re so bright. 

This picture I really worked with on photoshop. The pose and the model were perfect put the lighting was hard and cold. So I went in and changed the lightning to "Default Omni" This highlighted Katrines face and upper body and really made her eyes pop. Katrine is a really elegant and poised person and I tried to capture this in these portraits. The accessories like the dress, pearls and shoes really helped this shine through and take the pictures in the direction I Wanted.  



This picture really was random. The ice on the car fascinated me and I liked the contrast between the organic lines of the ice and the mechanic lines of the car. The white also works good together with the bright red.

"Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend" 

No its not a diamond, it just glass. But I thought it made a sort of interesting photo, maybe not exactly in the category of stripes, but maybe lines? So at least its in the neighborhood? I held the glass in front of a window where the ground below was covered in snow, so I almost got a studio effect.



The snow on this beach grass was absolutely beautiful in the sunlight. The spiky snow crystals really gave a harsh and sharp effect next to the wavy, flowing grass. The picture was taken at Brusand in early January. The beach was totally frozen over, a weather phenomena that is so seldom here! I took advantage og the cold weather and snapped away. 


This is a picture of frozen sand and waves. I really like the way these icicles look really big in this picture but they were pretty small. The picture look mystical. The icicle in the middle also catches your attention.  And balances the the picture in the golden line. 


"Italian Style"

This is a picture of a building in Venice, FL. I really like style of that city. The founders were from Italy and planning the city of Venice they were inspired by Italian architecture. The balcony, the elegant deco and the mosaic signs are all typical for Venice. I liked the angle of this picture and i also liked the palms in the sky. It gives a little Italy meets Florida feeling.

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