Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ingeborg Skrudland is a young photographer from Bryne, currently working as a teacher at Time Videregående and Forus Viderergående but also does some freelance photography. Her newest display of photos can be seen at Jæren Hotel at Bryne, an is called "ansikt"(face). And as the extremely curios people we are, we had to check this out. Skrudland gave us a private tour of the exhibition, witch was in the hotels cleared out and waterless pool. There was a great variation in her pictures, and they were very eye catching and different. She has definitely broken the "rules" when it comes to standard portraits and made-them-oh so-likable instead of the boring hatful ones you get in yearbooks. Unfortunately, I didn´t have a camera that  day, so I used my phone. And since that saturday was a series of unfortunate events... to make a long story short: my phone is currently....well, dead. But I found some pretty good photos on the net and please visit the website of Skrudland to see very interesting and creative photos.

To see more pictures on Ingeborg Skrudlands website click here.


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