Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Florida = Heaven

Despite all the old people I really like Florida, the so called sunshine state. For years we´ve taken eight to ten hour plane rides, just to get down there and celebrate christmas and New Years, and of course catching some rays. Needles to say this makes for enormous photo opportunities. From old town Arcadia to high speed Sarasota and lets not forget classical Venice. Well, lets just say I got chased out of some stores and a few galleries to  for taking pictures when I wasn´t allowed. A fantastic trip and not least I got some cool pictures. So here is how I shook my winter blues for two weeks.

To me, nothing says Christmas like a pair of tanned legs and flipflops, weird indeed!

This was taken at one of the keys Called Manasota, therefore Manasota Beach. This is the beach where we find the most peturfied sharks teeth. And yet we go swimming. Ish!

The same day, these guys started to dig out of boredom. They finally got head deep into the sand before the lifeguard told them they had to give it up. Obviously it was dangerous because it could cave in on them.

Of course, I´ve been to Florida,  I have to have some pictures of tropical flowers! I know its a total cliché but... they were so pwitty!

A fascinating fountain I spotted in the middle of Venice. Key word? Very fast shutter speed.  I sorta liked the palms in the background too. 

These were just a few of my snapshots of yet another memorable vacation. Hope you enjoyed!

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