Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Semester Summary

This first year has mainly consisted of just learning the basics and really just starting to take pictures. The most valuable about this is that you see so many pictures. When I went through my pictures after a photo session in the beginning you thought ok! good! pretty! but now, I´m really starting to weed out the good ones. Killing your babies is definitely a good lesson to learn i photography. What makes a good and interesting photo is so much more clearer and the standard of the photos have gotten a lot better.

Printing on textile will also come in handy, mostly because of the Russ season is coming up and there is a lot of pants waiting to be decorated. Printing was very cool to learn, since we always see and hear about Street Art and stenciling and now we finally got to try it out.

The technical part of how to use Time Value and Aperture Value has also been very interesting and useful to learn. I also saw that even though the technical stuff is a good tool to use it is the idea behind the photo that makes it what it is. We have also learned to use the computer to edit the photos. Working from simple enhancement in iPhoto to using a wide range of tools in Photoshop has really made it easier to make photos even better and enhance them to the best they can be.

And last but not least, the reason why Photography is a bit more motivating than the other subjects is that you can always use it. In the future, instead of having crappy and unprofessional looking photos from a vacation, wedding, parties ect I´ll be able to improve them or have good photos to begin with. This has been a very fun and educational year and I´m definitely looking forward to the next one.



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