Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mette Tronvold - Norweigan Photographer

The last exhibition our class went to see was by the crown jewel in Norwegian photography Mette Tronvold. This particular exhibition consisted of photographs at people were she had deliberately set the camera to to level their eyes. The pictures were also hung up at eye level with the audience. The pictures portrayed the particular moment they were took, the mood, the idea, the lighting. But they also portrayed a personality or the relationship or feelings between two people. The pictures consisted of old people, young people, friends of the photographer and strangers. There were also pictures of a military facility, portraits of   soldiers, pictures from Mongolia and Greenland.

Mette Tronvold is often rewarded for her pictures of people from distant corners of the earth and daring projekts. While photographing at the military facility in north of norway she was not allowed to take pictures that revealed the mens identity, their location or the range of weaponry. She also has portrayed indigenous people in Greenland and Mongolia. The exhibition also had some photos of landscape and houses. It was very interesting to see the work of Tronvold. Not only to see her work but also to see how she worked to portray different personalities and situations.

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