Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today we spent class practicing making Layouts in Adobe InDesign CS3. We were told to pick out a layout we liked an then copy it in InDesign. We could make changes in font, colors and we had to use our own pictures, but the setup and the layout was supposed to somewhat the same. I chose a layout in The Christmas edition of H&M Magazine. This was not a very traditional and clean cut layout, but its pretty busy and was very challenging. I learned a lot this class. Learning by doing really. You just look around, try and fail and sooner or later you get it right. The outcome:

In was really unsure of this layout. I feel like I really had to balance what looks good and what looks bad here. Its not a spread for text and information, like an article or anything. Its more a playful spread for small tips and short columns, witch can work when you want to make a photo or an illustration the center of attention. The rounded picture in the background also contributes to soften up the edges since the layout contains a lot of angles. I tried inserting a rectangle photo just to see if it could work, too.

(Yes, I know the colors are totally off in this composition but its just a "prototype") It actually works pretty well!

So the fear of InDesign is definitely gone! No temper tantrums all day, and no Macs flying trough the room witch is all in all pretty good! InDesign edition CS3 was used crating these layouts.

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