Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Linoleum Printing

Last class we repeated linoleum printing. Obviously, we´ve done this before so we just made a small 6 x 6 cm print. The point was to see our photos in a different use than just the blog or hanging on a wall. So the first thing we did was to pick out a picture of something we wanted to use. I picked a picture of some dice in a car and a Wunderbaum (an air freshener for those who don´t know) with the american flag on it. I edited away the dice and then made the picture black and white with no gray-tones. This you do by adjusting the curves (Image - Adjustments- Curves or just Apple/Shift + M) to a vertical line. Then you go to your filter gallery and choose the cutout filter. Then you can adjust how dramatic you want the edges or the transition from black and white to be. Your image should be ready to cut out in a linoleum plate. After its cut out, you start just start printing! Since this was just a repetition we didn't exactly lay our heart and soul into it (we didn't  have the time, we were so busy!) but I think it turned out pretty good.

This Americana Wunderbaum from my boyfriends car is now hanging on display at Forus VGS. Linoleum is a very easy and simple way to print but make sure to get fairly soft linoleum and watching out for the sharp lino knives is a must!


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