Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Helsinki 1o

Last tuesday we were at The art museum of Rogaland to see an exhibition called Helsinki 1o. The exhibition featured students at an art school in Helsinki, Finland's capital. The student shown here studied photography. The young students were loaded with talent and creativity and i really enjoyed this exhibition. The most artistic additions to the exhibitions like photos by Ola Kolehmainen, Ilka Halso and Kalle Kataila were the ones I  liked the best, but the pictures taken by Aino Kanisto were absolutely my favorites. She had an amazing way to portray light. Her photos also told stories, and some of them looked like still pictures from movies. Heres some examples:

This artist only uses herself when taking portraits. She also does some work with film and that influences her pictures. 

A young artist named Susanna Majuri which was announced "Artist of the year" (2010) was also featured at Helsinki 1o. This was my favorite picture by Majuri. 

This exhibition consisted mostly of very appealing images. Art now days can be very shocking and downright ugly sometimes, but this show was made up by very "pretty" photos. It was nice for a change to not go out of an exhibition and be totally freaked out of what you just saw.


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