Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Best Photo

I think this is my favorite photo this season. This photo is also featured in the video for the same project. It was also one of the first ones I noticed as "the money shots". The reason why I like this photo so much is that it shows the whole theme of the photo shoot. It was such a beautiful photo I even had to name it.

"Silver Tear"

This is a picture of my classmate Katrine. She was posing, the wind was blowing and the ocean was dark and wild. What can I say? All three of us who worked together on this shoot agreed that it was quite magical. This picture is very sad and dark. It shows a whole different side of my friend Katrine. I mentioned before that the picture is a summary of the whole theme. This is because it is seems beautiful and perfect, yet sad and trouble. Its sort of celebrates and glamorizes darkness. I also liked how the tear (it came from the wind, don´t worry) almost looked silver, or like glass. The sea in the background creates a steady horizon for the eye to rest on, yet the models hair blowing in the wind and the pearls create dramatic lines. I also liked the perfect looking skin and the glow from the models eyes. The combination of using a young woman combined with the black and white effect also makes a surprising and dramatic effect. Thanks Katrine! What a gorgeus shot!


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